Hatton-Regester Green

The fragrance always remains on the hand that gives the rose." - M.K. Gandhi

The happenings that led to the development of Hatton-Regester Green is just one of those feel-good, 'It's a Wonderful Life'-type, heartwarming stories. Take an old house with a very large, neglected lot along the Baltimore-Annapolis Trail in downtown Severna Park. The elderly owner dies and it looks like the property will soon be the home of a several-story office building. Next, volunteer organizations, led by the Friends of Anne Arundel County Trails, step up to plan for a lush, plant-filled park on the lot for those who want to meditate, reflect, enjoy their lunch, or just take a short, relaxing break during their exercise-time on the trail.

It's an incredible story that gets better and better as it continues to evolve. The original house was restored and is now the home of the Greater Severna Park Chamber of Commerce. Hatton-Regester Green is a very large garden next to the house. Back when the project started in 1998, the newly-formed Moonflower Garden Club created the water garden section of this peaceful oasis located on Holly Road near the intersection of Baltimore-Annapolis Boulevard and Evergreen Road. To this day we continue to maintain the garden and have watched Hatton-Regester Green mature into a special treasure in our community. Area garden clubs care for other parts of Hatton-Regester Green, including the gazebo which is the site of free summer concerts and other special events throughout the year.

The Moonflower Garden Club has a Hatton-Regester Green committee chair who keeps a maintenance schedule for the garden. As a club we meet monthly during the growing season to prune, weed, plant, mulch and care for the thriving water garden that has about 25 happy goldfish living in it. We also work as teams to care for the garden each week to ensure that this beautiful place is kept in pristine condition. Those of us who have worked in this garden over the years cannot remember a time when someone hasn't approached us as we tended to the plants to thank us for our dedication to the park.



Hatton-Regester Green is a source of beauty and peace for many people and we encourage you to stop by and smell the roses.